What we do

The mission of CRAN Microfinance is to meet the needs of the productive poor and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in rural and peri-urban communities with emphasis on women and the vulnerable through Micro Loans; and Micro Savings in an excellent and professional manner.


This is also a group loan scheme but it is not community based and not for rural dwellers. It has the group guarantee system and clients are requested to pay 20% of the loan amount as deposit. Repayment is done on daily basis.


This is an individual loan product that attracts collateral and a cash deposit of 20%. Repayment is done on daily or weekly basis depending on the nature of the client’s business or trade.


This is also a product for institutions and their workers. The institution guarantees for the staff. Repayment is done through source deduction and paid to CRAN MF on monthly basis.Veronica Cullen, MH

How it works

  • We conduct community investigation to assess eligibility of clients
  • We train eligible clients for six weeks before granting loans
  • Clients assess themselves (peer assessment) as to who qualifies or otherwise
  • Loans are disbursed after peer assessment
  • Repayments are collected on a weekly basis for sixteen weeks
  • If a client misses a payment, the rest of the group members contribute to pay

Do I qualify?

If your answer to these questions is yes then you do qualify

Have a question?

Our offices are open to receive and answer any question you might want to ask us