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Who We Are

CRAN Microfinance

CRAN Microfinance is 90 percent owned by CRAN and 10 percent owned by Adom Business Ventures Ltd and licensed by the Bank of Ghana as a Tier 2 Deposit Taking Microfinance Company.


This is also a group loan scheme but it is not community based and not for rural dwellers. It has the group guarantee system and clients are requested to pay 20% of the loan amount as deposit. Repayment is done on daily basis.


This is an individual loan product that attracts collateral and a cash deposit of 20%. Repayment is done on daily or weekly basis depending on the nature of the client’s business or trade.


This is also a product for institutions and their workers. The institution guarantees for the staff. Repayment is done through source deduction and paid to CRAN MF on monthly basis.Veronica Cullen, MH

We are present in over 1000 communities across the country


Abiding by the code of ethics of the organisation.


Trustworthiness, transparency, accountability, integrity towards all our stakeholders.


Helping the rural and peri-urban poor grow their businesses.


Uphold and maintain respect for all our stakeholders.


Quality and timelines are very important in meeting expectations of our stakeholders.

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